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ABRAXAS Dance Theatre

"There is a God about whom you know nothing, because men have forgotten him. We call him by his name: Abraxas. He is less definite than God or Devil....”    – Carl Jung
Abraxas is a Greek word that represents paradox and omnipresence, the liminal and the sublime, the combination of opposites into one Being. The goal of ABRAXAS Dance Theatre is to delve into the collective unconscious and tap into myth, media, literature, and art through the ritual of dance. ABRAXAS Dance Theatre calls upon disparate styles of dance from modern and ballet, to jazz, hip hop and contemporary belly dance; a combination of opposites. This synthesis of the antithetical creates a unique voice, a unique presence, a fusion of energy, and constructs a dialogue between the dancers and the audience.  ABRAXAS Dance Theatre celebrates dancers from different genres so that each performance is filled with dynamism, soul, strength, grace, and power.  We also celebrate the audience and seek to entertain, empower and enliven the artistic community. 
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