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Magick is often defined as the "Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will." (Aleister Crowley).

For me, the process of creating art, and in fact the very act of creation itself, is magick. We are constantly creating and re-creating ourselves, our stories, our lives. When we live in this enchanted, inspired ("in spirit"), space, we are able to access our own divinity and cause change according to our Will. 


As an artist that explores various ways in which to express myself, whether through movement, or verse or image, I not only have the catharsis of expression but also discover previously unknown parts of myself.  Through the act of creation, we are continuously rebirthing ourselves. This perpetual evolution and self discovery engages our passion, our self hood, our power. This nutures our spirit and we continue to be enchanted with life. Art as magick is an act of rebellion. A reclamation of self and sovereignty. We are ever evolving, ever inspired.  We do not perform magick, we embody it. 

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