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Artist Biography

Embodying the ethereal, protean, and undefinable realm of air, Aria shape shifts with the creative current. Ever inspired, ever evolving. As a visual and performance artist,  psychotherapist, artistic director of ABRAXAS Dance Theatre, art historian, tarot reader, astrologer, medium, poetess and Gemini, Aria is peripatetic ; inhabiting the realm of dream, myth, possibility, and paradox. 


As a child born with physical differentness, Aria experienced the world as an outsider, and found refuge in the realms of art and otherness. Aria's finely tuned sensitivity offered her a unique persective of seen and unseen worlds. Throughout her life, she has used this sensitivity to inhabit spaces on both sides of the veil, guiding others as they make their final transition, and transforming these experiences creatively as dance, visual art and poetry. 


Her study of shamanically oriented techniques and well developed clairsentience, combined with her experience as a conduit for energetic communication, aid her in creating unique stagecraft; shapeshifting as a changeling, otherkin, channeling archetypes. Aria also celebrates the beauty of being human, honoring the complexities of soul and spirit, projecting deep emotion and humanity. During performances she creates an immersive, numinous atmosphere conducive to experiencing the sacred and mystical.

Extended biographical information and artistic training can be viewed under "Training" on the navigational bar.

Image on left by Peter Paradise Photography. All edits are my own.



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