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Aria Michaels Paradise, Artistic Director for ABRAXAS Dance Theatre invites you to explore the light and shadows, the pathway past the veil, walking between the worlds as we weave together energy, passion, power, eccentricity, intention, creativity. We experiment, push past boundaries, and find our unique voices in entering the sacred space of Muse.  Muse provides a unique opportunity for participants to celebrate the art and ritual of theatrical bellydance in a safe, supportive environment, while still challenging them to evolve as dancers, performers, and collaborators. 


The goal of Muse is to offer workshops designed to enrich, challenge, awaken our passion, our dedication to the art of dance, our creativity, and access our voice and pathway to converse with the muses that guide us. 

After awakening the spirit of the muse, we will create a sacred and powerful space for performers to share their unique talents and visions of dance. Muse celebrates the outcast, the disillusioned, the unwanted, the dispossessed, as creativity often dwells in places of darkness and shadow. Muse strives for excellence through empowering participants and performers to dare, to challenge themselves and the audience and reshape the paradigms that can inhibit us from fully experiencing art and personal evolution.

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