Dancers are athletes of God.”

       -Albert Einstein

Photo credit: Peter Paradise Photography

Aria began her artistic training as a gymnast at age 4, intensive classical piano training at age 6, and transitioned to ballet training in the Vaganova method at the age of 13. At 15 she became a founding member of the Fall River Civic Ballet , and at age of 16, Aria become a corps member of the State Ballet of Rhode Island. She attended summer long dance intensives including the Svetlova Dance Center in Dorset, VT where she studied with Russian ballerina Marina Svetlova. During her first full summer of study at the Svetlova Dance Center, Madame Svetlova appreciated Aria's innate talent for dance, taking a  personal interest in mentoring her, offering increasingly more challenging and advanced technique, guiding her towards a professional dance career. 


Aria also attended the Rabovsky Ballet Center in Saratoga Springs, NY and took specialized classwork in classical piano, ballet technique,  pointe work, acting, modern, jazz, Flamenco, and mime. She studied privately with Istvan Rabovsky focusing on classical piano technique and musicality training.

During Aria's tenure as a company member with the State Ballet of Rhode Island and her performance in Giselle, she discovered how art can highlight the journey into the underworld: the paradox of beauty and the grotesque, light and dark, and mourning the temporary while celebrating the eternal. The celebration of narrative found in classical ballet is evident in Aria's solo and group choreography, and she often returns to her classical roots for artistic inspiration.

Aria entered the University of Massachusetts/Amherst as a Dance Major and took advanced coursework in ballet, modern, jazz, choreography, and dance history. Aria began her study of Oriental/ Cabaret style Belly Dance in 2001 and discovered the Tribal and Gothic styles in 2008.  In 2008 she joined Boston based Snake Dance Theater and performed with the company until the end of 2009.  In 2011 she founded ABRAXAS Dance Theatre.




Ballet, Modern, Jazz training:


Karin Carvalho -Somerset School of Dance

Herci Marsden- Brae Crest School of Ballet (State Ballet of Rhode Island)

Marina Svetlova- Svetlova Dance Center (Intensive summer program, Dorset, VT)

Rabovsky Ballet Center (Saratoga Springs, NY)

University of Massachusetts/Amherst Dance program


Belly Dance training:


***(indicates a longer period of study with instructor)


 Sabra Jamal (Oriental) ***

Rose Champagne (Cabaret)

Melina (Turkish)

 Phoenix Avathar (Tribal Improv. Tribal Fusion, Gothic) ***

Brooke Bishara (Cabaret)

 Naraya of Vadalna Tribal Dance Company ***






(*** indicates multiple workshops with instructor) 


Princess Farhana (New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference)  June 2014

Samantha Emanuel (New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference) June 2014

***Donna Mejia (New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference)  June 2013

*** Ilian Riviere (New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference)  June 2013

***Tjarda Van Straten (New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference)  June 2013

Anasma (New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference)  June 2013

Ranya Renee (New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference)  June 2013

Sarah Skinner (New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference)  June 2013

Personal Coaching from Ranya Renee and Anasma (New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference)

 June 2013

***Anaar (Waking Persephone and Lumen Obscura) April 2011 , April 2013

Ariellah (Lumen Obscura) April 2013

Dud Muurmand (Lumen Obscura) April 2013 

Morgana (Lumen Obscura) April 2013 

**Ashley Lopez (Bright Star Studios) March 2013



Jill Parker (Perishable Theater, Providence) March 2010

Blanca Odalesca (Dancing Spirit) May, 2010

Ayshe (Dancing Spirit) May, 2010



***Zoe Jakes (Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre) , June 2009

Tempest (Boston University), June 2009

Asharah (Boston University), June 2009

Sabrina (Dancing Gypsy), June 2009 

Aepril Schaile (Dancing Gypsy), July 2009

Rose Harden (RISD), August 2009

Ela Rogers (Littleton, MA), August 2009

Sara Jezebel Wood (Descent workshop Salem), October 2009

JeniViva (Gothic make up) workshop (Descent) October 2009 




Marisa (Lotus Moon) (TF) July 2008

Southern FusionFest August 2008 

Mardi Love 

***Moria Chappell 

*** Paulette Rees-Denis 

Shani (veil))

Phoenix Avathar, August 2008

Aepril Schaile, August 2008

Onca O'Leary, August 2008

Lisa Zahira, Hip-Hop September 2008

***Mira Betz (Dance Complex) October 2008