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A Reluctant Oracle


Cumbrous, cryptic breath.

Sulfurous vapors of ochre and black.

Illumined by a candle flame's eye.

Portent, wail. Banshee is nigh.


Pallid, phantom bone.

Revenant wings of silver and lace.

Illumined by a crimson night sky.

Spectral, prescient dragonfly.


Cobalt, cryptic dreams.

Membranous strands of gristle and bone.

Illumined by a soothsayer's eye.

Liminal, prophetic sigh.



Imaginal beings of light

and shadow. Eye of Horus

illuminated in vermillion mist.

Primeval sentry.


Grids of sinew. Scrolls

of finely filigreed bone.

Staccato punctuation amidst

a choir of inhuman voices.


A cacophonous explosion of

sight and sound. Propelled by

supernal winds. A violent rip

in Heaven's sacred cloak.


Emerging spectral figures.

Silhouetted by unearthly fire

and light. Destiny enthralled

with the paradoxical and profane.


Unyielding allegory of a cosmic

marriage. Mythopoetical offering

of sanctity. A vortex of alchemical

copulation, celestial birth.

Caverns of Soul


Imaginal beings. Ancient

in form and deed. Allianced

with ash and bone,

ice and stone.


Infidel of spirit.

Alchemical tithes.


venomous shadows.


Assaultive whispers.

Teasing, tainting, crawling.

Discomforted skin inhales

the scent of toxic breath.


Nihilistic cells course

through blood. Journeying

into caverns of soul

untouched by light.

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